Reviews is a great option to choose if you’re interested in dating Asian women. This site is full of rich features that you’d expect from a top-quality dating site. I really like the landing page’s simple and clean design. Everything is well-organized and there’s a ton of great information right here before you ever enter the site. If you look at the bottom of the landing page you’ll see all of its major services listed, you’ll see a nice FAQ page, and some great member testimonials. After all, there’s no better endorsement than a testimonial by an existing member.

This site has been involved in the online dating world since 1998. With that much experience your bow to get a few things right and the site’s Alexa ranking seems to support this – this site is ranked 46,432, and keep in mind that’s ranked against all websites not just dating sites. The vast majority of its members come from the US. US members make up 39.2% of’s daily visitors, 9.7% come from the UK, 7.5% from Singapore, 7.4% from Canada, and 4.7% from Italy. As you can see its popularity spans the globe.

Sign Up
To get started on this site you will have to sign up for a membership, but this is pretty much hassle-free. You can sign up using your Facebook account, or you can create a brand-new user profile. If you choose to create your own new profile in the first step you’ll be asked to provide your full name first and last, your gender and the gender of the match you’re looking for, your birthdate, your nationality, as well as your email and a password. The next step is rather unique among dating sites. You’ll be asked to answer seven simple questions in order for the site to locate members of the opposite sex with similar interest to you. The site will then present you with a photo gallery of potential matches, and some of them you can start chatting with right away.

With a free membership you get the chance to try out all of the site’s features on a limited basis for free. This is a rather unique gesture and they provide you with a few credits to try things out – when you run out of credits you can purchase more in order to continue to access the site’s major features. This is in something you commonly find on most dating sites. It’s more common for dating sites to provide membership on a monthly basis. The great thing about a credit system is that you can choose to use them when it’s convenient for you, and you don’t have to worry about them running out every month. They only run out when you finished using them. Here is the look of the costs involved:

·3 credit pack seven dollars per credit at a total cost of $21
·8 credit pack $6.50 per credit at a total cost of $52
·16 credit pack $6.00 per credit at a total cost of $96
·32 credit pack $5.60 per credit at a total cost of $179.00
·60 credit pack $5.00 per credit at a total cost of $299.00
·100 credit pack $3.99 per credit at a total cost of $399.00
These credits are called Qpid credits and can be redeemed if you want to send messages to a potential match.

Unlike other dating sites I date actually does allow you to try out all of the sites major features for free by providing with 10 credits to start. Granted, you won’t get too far with this but at least it gives you a chance to see how things work. What this means is the features available to free members are no different from the features available to paid members. The only difference is that paid members can use the features as often as they like and are willing to pay for them. Here’s a look at the major features available on the site:
·Send and receive emails
·Call members
·Send virtual gifts
·Search member listings
·Live instant messaging
·Access to member videos
·Includes a constantly updated new section

Why Join
This is one of the most unique dating sites you’ll find. Its credit system allows you more flexibility than you’ll find on most other dating sites. Essentially how much or how little you spend on the site is entirely up to you. It’s also got an extensive database of users from all over Asia. So if you’ve always been interested in dating an Asian woman, but you’ve been turned off by the rigid memberships required on most other dating sites in the Asian niche, you likely be presently surprised with the amount of flexibility on

Flexibility isn’t the only thing the site has going for it though, it’s also got a lot of great features you’d expect to find on a major dating site. You can send email messages, participate in live instant messaging, and you can send virtual gifts to members that catch your eye. It’s all put together in a nice professional package that’s pleasing to the eye.

Verdict is one of the most unique dating sites you’re likely to come across on the web. With a flexible credit system you’re in control of how much you use this service and what it’s going to cost you. With great features like email messaging, instant messaging, and virtual gifts will find everything you’re looking for on this site.

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