It’s amazing the amount of choice you’ll find when it comes to dating sites even within a niche such as this Asian dating site. On this site we review many of the best Asian dating sites out there. Another great choice in this niche is, and as you might’ve guessed this site concentrates on Asian people of Chinese descent. This site prides itself on breaking down cultural barriers so that people that want to be together can be together. The main landing page features lots of content to give you an idea of what you’re likely to find inside, and it’s very well laid out.

This site’s popularity is indisputable. It has an Alexa ranking of 18,298, and its members come from right across the globe. Surprisingly most of its visitors come from the US. US visitors represent 38.6% of all visitors, followed by Singapore at 7.3%, Canada at 5.8%, Australia at 5.2%, and of the UK at 4.9%. It’s quite a diverse group of countries.

Sign Up
The sign-up process for isn’t difficult. You can use your existing Facebook profile, or you can create your own profile specific for the site. If you choose the latter option you have to provide all the basic information such as your name, nationality, gender, and birth date – although if you’ve signed up for any other site within the Asia Maritus network your login will also work on this site. If not, it won’t take long to get set up. In the second phase of the sign-up process you’ll be asked a few more detailed questions, and you’ll be asked to provide a brief description of yourself as well as a description of the potential match you’re looking for. After that it’s just a matter of adding your photo and you’re ready to go.

Costs has a free membership option which will allow you to try out the site before you sign up for a paid membership which will allow you to fully communicate with other members. As with free memberships on other dating sites you can perform a simple search to see what type of members are available on the site, you can view member profiles, and you can add your own photos so that other members can see what you look like. As this site is part of the same network as it also features the same unique payment method available on the site. It relies on a credit system rather than a monthly membership. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

·3 credit pack $7.00 per credit at a total cost of $21.00
·8 credit pack $6.50 per credit at a total cost of $52.00
·16 credit pack $6.00 per credit at a total cost of $96.00
·32 credit pack $5.60 per credit at a total cost of $179.00
·60 credit pack $5.00 per credit at a total cost of $299.00
·100 credit pack $3.99 per credit at a total cost of $399.00

To pay for credits you can use your Visa or MasterCard, or your PayPal account. Compared to some other dating sites this site is a little limited in its payment options.

A free membership does provide you with some free credits try things out. You’ll only get 10 of them though, and after that you’ll have to purchase credits to continue. How you use your free credits is entirely up to you. The great part about sites in the Asia Maritus network is that you only have to purchase the credits you need at any given time. This type of system provides a lot more freedom and control. Here are the major features that are available on the site:
·Live chats
·Love calls
·Video shows
·Mail messaging
·Admirer mail
·Virtual gifts
·Real gifts
·Cupid real-life dating services

Why Join
If you’re interested in meeting beautiful Chinese women this site has a huge database to choose from. It’s well-organized and it has lots of testimonials from actual members attesting to the great success that had on the site. This is largely due to the feature packed options that make it easy to find a great match. This is one of the few sites where you can actually buy and send real gifts to a potential match – what better way to impress a lovely lady? The other great service that this site offers personalized services that will help you set up, and get started on your first real-life date with a member. This is a unique feature that many dating sites simply don’t offer.

Verdict is without a doubt the premier Chinese dating site if you are interested in dating someone of Chinese origin. It has a huge database of members to choose from, and it includes some of the best features you’ll find on any dating site anywhere. It’s definitely one of the better dating site options in the Asian dating niche.

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