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KoreanCupid.com is another one of the many sites available in the Cupid network. As such, it has all the advantages of every other site within this network – not least of which is an extensive database of members. What makes this site a little different is that it caters to people with an interest in finding a match from Korea or of Korean descent. This site has been around since 2004 so it’s had time to develop a clean and polished appearance.

What you find with all sites in the Cupid network is that they have a very high Alexa ranking – Korean Cupid is no different, it ranks 3408 in South Korea on the Alexa ranking system. What’s interesting is how many of its visitors actually come from South Korea. Of all the visitors to this site, 63.6% of them come from South Korea, 21.1% come from the US, and 6.4% come from France. Of all the dating sites that we’ve reviewed, none have come close to this many visitors from one country – if you live in South Korea this has obvious advantages.

Sign Up
The sign-up process for Korean Cupid.com is identical to any other site in the Cupid network. You can choose between creating your own new user profile, or signing up with your Facebook account. If you choose to create your own user profile you’ll have to complete three steps to get started. In step one, you’re asked to provide your name, your gender, your age, and you’re asked to create a password and provide your email address. In step two you are required to provide your ethnicity, your marital status, your occupation, and a brief description of yourself and what you’re looking for in a potential match. The final step is adding your profile photo. This is it required but it’s highly recommended.

There is a free membership which allows you to perform basic searches, browse member profiles, and you can show interest in a member. To properly communicate with a member in order to develop a real relationship you will have to sign up for a paid membership. There are two types of paid membership: a gold membership and a platinum membership. Here’s a look at the costs involved with each different type of membership:

Gold Membership
·1 month membership $34.99
·3 month membership $23.33 per month (one payment of $69.98)
·12 month membership $11.67 per month (one payment of $139.99)

Platinum Membership
·1 month membership $39.99
·3 month membership $26.66 per month (one payment of $79.98)
·12 month membership $12.50 per month (one payment of hundred and $49.99)
You can pay for your membership by using any major credit card, or by using PayPal. This is the same as any other site on the Cupid network.

Basic membership allows you access to basic searches, you can browse member profiles, and you can send notification of your interest. With a gold or platinum membership you have much greater access to the features of the site. As far as communicating with potential matches there as it anything that I platinum member can do that a gold member can’t, the main difference between the two types of membership is that a platinum member get some preferential treatment when it comes to searches, and their placement in those searches.

Just like a gold member a platinum member can communicate with any other member on the site, and more importantly both gold and platinum members can initiate the conversation unlike a standard member. What makes the platinum membership worthwhile is that you get moved to the front of the line so to speak. What this means is one another member performs a search your profile is one of the first they’re going to see. It will also be highlighted so that it stands out. When you consider the small difference in price between a gold and platinum membership it’s probably a good idea just to go with the platinum membership right off the bat.

Why Join Korean Cupid.com?
This site is probably the best Asian dating site to choose if you live in South Korea, but it’s also great if you live elsewhere in the world and you’d like to meet up with someone of Korean descent that you might potentially spend the rest of your life with. A feature that I really liked was the prominently displayed member profiles in a constantly updating feed on your main portal page. This is a great way to have a quick look at available matches without even having to perform a simple search. You can of course perform a search to try and find people that are closer to you, but if you don’t want to be limited by geography this feature is a great way to become acquainted with the site. Overall the site is very well organized, easy to navigate, and full of great features.

KoreanCupid.com is without a doubt the best choice of Aisan dating sites if you’re interested in finding a match that hails from the South Korean, or is of Korean descent. When you combine that with all the features common right across the Cupid network what you’ve got is a winning combination. This is definitely a great choice in the Asian dating site niche.

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