Reviews is one of the most unique websites in the Asian dating site niche. Why? Well for one very important reason –this site is 100% free .This is highly unusual in the online dating world.

This might explain why it's also one of the most popular. Its Alexa ranking is actually the highest of all top Asian dating sites we've reviewed. It ranks at 18,076 worldwide and 399 in Philippines which is pretty high up the ladder when you consider there are billions of sites out there. It's most popular in the Philippines where 27.1% of its users come from, followed by Finland at 13.1%, Sweden at 7.4%, the US at 6.5%, and Indonesia at 5.8%.

Signing up for is likely one of the simplest sign-up processes you'll ever come across for an online dating site. All you have to provide is your name, a valid email address, you have to create a username, and provide the gender of the type person you're looking for. After that they will ask you for your mobile number to send you an activation code. This is not something I'm personally fond of, but it's not uncommon these days. If you prefer, you can also take a look around the site before you sign up.

Did I mention this site is completely free? It's true, there are no costs involved with using this website. This has made it one of the most popular Asian dating sites on the web. When you use this site you can keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. The only drawback with a free site is that of course there are some advertisements that you'll notice on the pages. They aren't overly intrusive though, and they really won't distract you from searching for the perfect match.

Features is a fairly basic site. They focus on creating an atmosphere where you can find the perfect match and very little else. By joining up for the site you can view member profiles, you can search member profiles, and you can communicate with other members via email. The search feature is pretty cool though there are quite a lot of questions you can use to narrow down your search in order to find the perfect match. You can even search by a specific username if you've noticed a member you liked in the past, but didn't save their information. You won't find an extensive information section here – there are no blogs or forums just a simple site that allows you to meet up with great people.

Why Join Date in Asia?
The simplest reason for joining is that the site is completely free. Yes, its features are pretty basic, but it provides you with what you really need – access to meet some great Asian ladies, and potentially Asian men. It is a well-organized site that's easy to navigate, and it seems to have a fairly extensive database of members. When you think about it that's really all you need.

While doesn't have the extensive feature list that you'll find on many dating sites in the Asian dating site niche, it does have an extensive member database and it's easy to use. The sign up process is pretty straightforward, and it's also a very clean site. If your budget is limited this is a great place to find beautiful Asian women and men.

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